Revιew Polιcy~

If my work calls your attention, tastes and you would like I blog your items, please feel free to contact me :

  • Inworld : Erzsebet Valeska
  • Mail :

I blog skins, clothes, hairs, accessories, furnitures, decoration

1- If the items I received are not in my taste, I reserve me the right to not blog them 😉
2- So far Im not blogging everyday, I feel very uncomfy to be forced to blog every items, more when they dont match with my mood Oo and weird when you put some kind of delay to do it as Im not living on SL.. in that case, please forget about me..
« It take TIME to be a blogger. Just like a creator or event organizer, blogging takes time. For those that can pound out blogs within minutes, I envy you ! So the next time someone asks you how many times a week you blog, think about it. Time is our master. »
Thank you and Enjoy

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